Chaga Mushroom Extract

Chaga mushroom extracts are often in powder form but there will also be some in liquid or droplet form. Extracts are often derived from birch trees that are not less than 25 years old with chaga mushrooms weighing more than 7 pounds. These are high quality standards and statistics say that about 3 of 10,000 birch trees meet these standards. Companies or manufacturers may choose to derive the extract from a birch lesser than these standards but it will no longer have the same medicinal benefit.

If you’ve purchased an extract in liquid form, it is best to take the extract with a cup of cold water. It could be a juice, beverage or simply just water as long as it is cold. Take 1-2 fluid oz. and swish it around and in between the mouth and teeth for about 60 seconds before swallowing it. Make sure to take it 30 minutes before each meal and preferably 2-3 doses per day.

You might be wondering why you need to swish it around the mouth first. Well the answer is sublingual delivery system. It is a method by which the nutrients and minerals of the extract enter our body through the sublingual system and at the same time, strengthen our gums. Doing so allows fuller absorption and faster assimilation of the nutrients in to the blood stream while avoiding the effects of Hydrochloric Acid. The only way Superoxide Dismutase can be assimilated is through the sublingual system or the small intestine.

However, if you find the swishing part a bit gross, then you can choose to not to do this. But you will have lesser medicinal value received than those who do.

Another little tip, do not microwave or boil the extract. Do not put it into a beverage that is too hot as it will cause some damage to the enzymes present in the extract. Also, preferably drink the solution from 10 AM to 4 PM to avoid being awake the whole night due to excessive energy.

For safety purposes, please consult your doctor before taking any chaga mushroom extract. It may cause side effects that your body cannot tolerate. And dosage will also vary to every individual. If unusual symptoms occur or side effects immediately stop using the product you have purchased and if the symptoms continue to get worse go to a doctor.

Also, if you are breast feeding or pregnant, do not use the product. Additionally, if you are a first time user to Chaga mushroom extracts, expect a certain change of bowel movement starting from the first day to the third. This is a sign that the product is working on you since Chaga mushroom extracts are made to detoxify the body. You may also experience some headaches, fatigue, bad breath, bad body odor, and mouth sores. Whenever you find it necessary, you may choose to reduce or add some dosage.

Chaga Side Effects

Considering the mass listing of side effects on most medications, you will be pleasantly surprised when you look into Chaga side effects, as they are practically non-existent. Like most holistic remedies, the mushroom poses very little threat to the human body and rarely causes problems for those who utilize the Chaga mushroom for medicinal purposes.


One of the Chaga side effects specifically relates to taking other medications. The Chaga mushroom may magnify the effects of anticoagulants. This puts you at risk for bleeding. If you are taking anticoagulant medications such as aspirin or warfarin you might your clotting factor even lower than intended.

This happens because the mushroom contains a combination of triterpenes, which tend to include sterols. These sterols are often what make anticoagulants work, making anticoagulation a Chaga side effect. Because of the doubling up of the sterols, it is like you are taking extra doses of your prescribed medication. You should consult your doctor if you are on such a regimen prior to consuming the Chaga mushroom. You also need to list the Chaga mushroom as one of your medications if you have been taking it in any form and you plan to go into surgery. The last thing you want is a clotting issue when your body is being cut open.


Another Chaga side effect also directly relates to Western medications. The mushroom is known to interact with diabetes medications, specifically insulin. This increases your risk for low blood sugar, otherwise known as hypoglycemia. If you find yourself having a hypoglycemic attack you can experience shakiness, confusion, weakness and a general feeling of anxiousness. If you wish to take the Chaga mushroom but you are diabetic you should consult your physician about this particular Chaga side effect.

Expert Reviews

According to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, there have been no documented Chaga side effects. The studies currently show the Chaga mushroom is completely safe for human consumption. Because of this information, the center has pushed forward with studies in relationship to helping fight cancer.

Surprisingly, the Chaga side effect causing hypoglycemia is also being studied. Scientists are hoping to find a way to utilize the way the mushroom interacts with insulin to come up with a more natural form of diabetic medication. This would hopefully extend the effectiveness of such drugs and eliminate some of the negative side effects of the chemically produced insulin currently given to diabetic patients.

All in all, the Chaga side effects are so limited they are hardly worth mentioning. Like all holistic remedies, you should start slowly to see how your body reacts to the fungus. As with any food substance, you might have an allergy someone else does not have. You could react differently than others who have used the Chaga mushroom successfully. As long as you work in moderation you should have no trouble with the Chaga mushroom. Only you can know how a substance makes you feel, so try to stick with your normal routine when introducing something new to your system. This will help you determine if the mushroom is causing side effects specifically for you.

What is Chaga?

When studying various mushrooms, you might find yourself questioning why some are beneficial and some are not. When you read about something like Chaga, it makes you wonder, what is Chaga? Quite simply it is a mushroom or fungi, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

History of Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushroom is specifically a non-toxic mushroom that has been long known by Asian cultures to have medicinal use. The legends surrounding, “what is Chaga,” come chock full of stories touting how the fungus increases vitality, encourages longevity, helps reduce the signs of aging and in general promotes good health. The mushroom is known as Reishaa in Japan and Lingzhi in China.

While Chaga mushrooms are not a plant or an animal, its DNA pattern is 30% closer to humans than other plants. This puts the Chaga mushroom in the scientific class Basidomycetes. There are approximately 200 species of mushrooms in this particular class. The entire grouping is thought to have positive medicinal effects.

The Asian cultures believe the Chaga mushroom strengthens the Chi or internal flow of energy. When determining what is Chaga, you must ask yourself what you are looking for in the medicine. Different people work with the mushroom to help cure cancer while others use it for stomach problems. There is a wide array of uses in alternative medicine for Chaga mushroom-based cures.


The best Chaga grows in extreme conditions. Siberia grows a Chaga mushroom that is known to have extensive antioxidants, amino acids and beta glucan. These mushrooms tend to grow on the trunks of the Black Birch trees. The Chaga mushroom thrives in weather below negative forty degrees Celsius.


Once harvested, the mushrooms only last a few months. While they only live for that amount of time, the Chaga mushroom can still be ground into many useful substances and then last much longer. The lifespan of the substances created with Chaga is indefinite depending on what you are mixing the fungus with.

What is Chaga that is so different than other substances? This particular fungi’s close relationship to human DNA is thought to be the reason it can help our bodies fix problems when things are not going smoothly. Some believe introducing such substances via elixirs, teas or topical solutions can help your body repair itself, even when traditional, Western medicine has failed.


You do not have to look very far to hear how good antioxidants are for the body. They help draw out toxins and resent your body chemistry so you begin running at top capacity again. When you are out of balance chemically, your body cannot heal itself, digest properly or even provide effective energy for activity.

What is Chaga that it makes it valuable in this same arena? The excessive number of antioxidants produced by the mushroom help to set your chemical balance right. Add to that the amino acids and vitamins and you will find yourself feeling better, even more energetic than ever before. No matter what form you seek of Chaga, you can find a way to make use of this fascinating mushroom in your daily life.