Benefits of Chaga

When looking into the benefits of Chaga you find a massive amount of information from a variety of sources. The medicinal benefits have been known throughout the Asian world for years. As Western medicine has begun to accept some holistic theories, many alternative practitioners have started working with the Chaga mushroom as well. In addition, the mushroom has been known to have topical value for the skin. This falls more under the cosmetic benefits of Chaga mushrooms. Another crossover benefit is in the area of consumption. You can make tea with Chaga that is not only good to drink but helps fill your body with antioxidants.

Medicinal Benefits

Many of the benefits of Chaga can be traced back to the antioxidant rich make-up of the mushroom. This coupled with the dense amino acids help to alter your body chemistry in a positive way. Many practitioners use the Chaga differently.

Like many other antioxidant rich foods, it is believed the Chaga mushroom can help reduce your risk of cancer. Some also think one of the benefits of Chaga is actually reducing cancer after it has started! This is tied to very dense teas that some believe keep the cancer from metastasizing into the blood.

Another popular use is fixing an upset stomach. This works as the mushroom rights your body chemistry including leveling the acidity of your stomach. Often what causes your stomach pain or discomfort is directly related to high amounts of digestive acid, which eats away at the lining of your stomach.

Cosmetic Benefits of Chaga

Melanin has been touted as one of the best anti-aging secrets. It tends to add elasticity back to skin and strength to hair. The Chaga mushroom is rich in melanin making it a great topical solution for both your skin and your hair. When formulated into a cream you can use it to give your skin a more youthful appearance and add strength back to your damaged hair.

It is arguable whether the melanin can help once it has been digested. Some practitioners believe the mushroom still has a positive effect on your skin when consumed. This seemed to be a result from those who were utilizing the benefits of Chaga for other ailments but also found their skin to be more supple than it was before.


In general, the benefits of Chaga via consumption are related to medicinal uses. That being said, many people do enjoy drinking the Chaga tea that is produced. While the purpose is for health, the enjoyment of the tea can be the same as soda or any other fluid you like to drink.

Overall the Chaga mushroom gives you many chances to enjoy its vast benefits. No matter how you plan on consuming or using the vitamin rich substance, you are sure to reap the full benefits of Chaga by sticking with it. You can find it in many holistic stops and stores or by visiting an alternative medical doctor. You do not need a prescription to purchase the mushrooms, so go out and find a local supplier in your neighborhood and see if the Chaga holds the same allure for you as it does for many others.