Chaga and Cancer

At first, in the Western world, Chaga treatments were mainly used to aid in the alleviation of radiation sickness suffered by cancer patients while they were being treated traditionally. Known for settling stomach ailments, this was an easy leap for doctors to make. The Chaga tea helped cancer patients keep food down, which is a major feat when undergoing radiation. Helping to reduce the radiation sickness allowed the patients to gain strength by consuming food.

Sloan-Kettering Hospital, one of the foremost cancer research facilities in the United States took up the cause with Chaga. After the mushrooms documented effects on cancer patient’s radiation sickness, the physicians began studying the chemical properties of the mushroom to help determine why it was so helpful in reducing nausea. As they learned more about the chemical makeup, they decided they should begin studying the potential affects on tumors themselves.

Chaga Cancer Cure?

As the physicians studied the chemical qualities of the Chaga, they became particular interested in the cytostatic action as it has a direct correlation to cancer and can be used to fight off the disease. By ingesting the Chaga, patients could strengthen their body’s cytostatic activity.  This strengthening of the cytostatic activity in the body slows and stops the growth of cancerous tumors. After the tumors have been stopped, the Chaga continues to work, causing the tumor’s gradual regression. Over time, patient’s who were known to have multiple tumors have found themselves with no visible tumors left in their body. As their health continues to improve, sticking with a Chaga regimen seems to keep the cancer at bay. Thus, a Chaga mushroom cancer treatment or Chaga tea for cancer treatment is not out of the realm of possibility.

One of the biggest problems of cancer is metastasis. This is when the cancer essentially becomes blood-born. The cancer that once started in the liver or brain or anywhere can now find other organs or body parts to latch onto and grow new tumors. Chaga helps slow the metastases the same way it stops the growth of existing tumors. Even if there is no visible effect immediately on tumors, the Chaga is working to keep the cancer at bay, to stop the spread of the disease.  A Chaga cancer treatment via Chaga tea for cancer or Chaga extract is certainly something that many scientists are looking into.

Chances of Cancer

In the US alone, there are approximately 1.6 million new cases of cancer every year. This is a staggering number. Depending when you catch the cancer often determines your survival rate. Chaga tea helps give you hope no matter where in the cancer process you are. The Chaga can break down the cancer cells and stop production of new ones, making it the most effective holistic solution to the disease.

Where to Get Chaga for Cancer Treatment

You can learn all about Chaga, where to purchase it and how to make tea right here. We want you to be successful in your fight against cancer, whether in the throes of the battle or as a preventative measure. Whatever reason draws you to Chaga, trying a tea regimen will change how your body feels. As you build your immunity, you find yourself full of energy.

As the Chaga balances your body’s chemistry, your entire wellbeing will alter in a positive way. We put unnatural chemicals in our body daily. From preservatives to soda to man made foods, all of these factor into changing our body chemistry and this imbalance gives cancer the opportunity to grow. If your chemistry is not in balance, not only are you incapable of effectively fighting disease you also do not feel as good as you could. When our bodies are in balance, we effectively use food for fuel and our mind/body connection works together properly to make us feel “right.”

Who Should Use Chaga

Even if you don’t have cancer, consuming Chaga tea can help stave off the development of any type of cancer. This is a great incentive if you know cancer runs in your family or if you just want to do everything you can to keep yourself healthy. The antioxidants and minerals in Chaga tea are good for everyone. They build your immune system and keep you firing on all cylinders, sick or not.

Everyone on the planet could use a little balance in his body chemistry. Chaga tea helps you achieve that goal without much work on your part. A proper diet and exercise is always recommended when trying to get really healthy, but you even if you cannot alter every part of your live immediately, Chaga makes you feel better and will help you begin down the path to balance. As cancer patients the world over continue to reap the benefits, the world-view of Chaga will only grow positively. Be the first to try Chaga in your circle. See how it makes you feel because you will keep coming back for more. A Chaga mushroom cancer treatment is something you may be hearing about in the future.